Nutrition and supplements

Nutrition and supplements

Although nutrition should play a central role in our lives, both for food intake and for social reasons, food is often considered marginal in our daily lives.

We recommend a conscious change from the "to go, snack and ready meal mentality" to a balanced diet with fresh ingredients, regional and seasonal products from species-appropriate and as unpolluted as possible production.

In the case of chronic diseases, especially inflammation, autoimmune diseases and/or pain, it can be useful to carry out intestinal cleansing and at least for a certain time to switch to an anti-inflammatory diet.
In many people with chronic susceptibility to infections, inflammations, fatigue, pain, sleep problems and a tendency to depression, some macronutrients (e.g. certain amino acids, essential fatty acids) and the vital micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements and ultra trace elements) are not present in the organism in sufficient quantity or in the right proportion to each other.

The reasons for this are an often stressful lifestyle, an increasing intake of pollutants from the environment and an often one-sided, predominantly industrially processed diet. Since the human organism cannot produce all vital substances in sufficient quantities itself, it is important to supply these substances via a healthy diet and in the form of micronutrients as food supplements.

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