Frequently Asked Questions

How does impilo® treatment work?
An initial treatment lasts approx. 90 minutes, follow-up appointments approx. 45 minutes. Within this generous timeframe, Dr. Wengenroth records the physical symptoms and the overall situation in a medical history interview. With the subsequent high-frequency procedure, she scans and treats the entire body. The impilo® treatment feels like a "tingling breeze" in the treated body area. Most people find this pleasant. Then Dr. Wengenroth summarises the results and discusses recommendations on lifestyle, nutrition and medication if necessary.
How expensive is an impilo® treatment and is it covered by the health insurance funds?
In the impilo® medical practice we offer our services privately for all patients. Billing is carried out according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte - GOÄ) and is directly addressed to the patients. Please contact our practice team before making an appointment to find out the expected costs in advance. So far, the statutory health insurance funds have not assumed the costs for the holistic health concept of the impilo® medical practice. It is possible that your private health insurance or supplementary insurance will reimburse partial amounts or the complete invoice. Please consult your health insurance company or supplementary insurance.
Is it possible to cure cancer with the impilo® method?
No. This form of therapy is not sufficient for malignant diseases. Cancer treatment should be carried out according to guidelines using oncological methods (surgery, chemotherapy, hormone treatment, immunotherapy) and can still be individualised in combination with further measures (if necessary genetic examination of the tumour material, checkpoint inhibitors in combination with hyperthermia treatment, etc.). Here the impilo® practice team works together with other cancer centres. Conventional tumour therapy can possibly be tolerated better and with fewer side effects through the accompanying impilo® high-frequency method.
I am wearing an electronic implant. Can I be treated with high-frequency therapy?
That depends on which implant it is. Local treatment in the area of the implant is not possible, the rest of the body can usually be treated (e.g. patients with deep brain stimulators, pain pumps, insulin pumps, etc.). An exception are pacemaker patients: Since there is no possibility for cardiological monitoring in practice, no patients with pacemakers can currently be treated with the high-frequency method. Before making an appointment, please contact us by telephone to find out whether treatment is possible in your particular case.
How do I prepare for the impilo® treatment?

Please bring the completed medical history form and, if available, current doctor's letters, laboratory values and other examination results with you.

Please do not use any creams or fragrances (i.e. no perfume, deodorant, etc.) beforehand.

How do I make an appointment for an impilo® treatment?

Make an appointment by telephone (0451/ 489 42 111), by e-mail or via the contact form.

It is important to us to be able to offer as many people as possible a prompt appointment. Due to the strong request, the waiting period is currently between 3-6 months. It is possible to be put on a waiting list for urgent cases. If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so in good time so that we can give the patients on the waiting list a chance to make an earlier appointment. We reserve the right to charge for appointments not cancelled in time (up to 24 hours in advance).